Will Tuna and Krill be the next dominoes to fall in the collapse of the oceans?

May 6, 2016

As we try to digest the news that the Great Barrier Reef seems soon to be consigned to the history books, we look at a couple of the most pressing issues relating to the sustainability of the oceans. In particular, what's been happening with tuna, and one of the companies that's been the target of criticism from all sides. 

And also the new shrimp on the block, krill. Krill is emerging onto the supermarket shelves in the form of a replacement for standard fish oil as a source of omega 3. And in principle that should be okay, because krill is massively abundant across the world. Shouldn't it?

You can find the John West can tracker mentioned in the podcast here (It has been updated to include other countries, including Thailand although I'm not aware if campaigners have repeated their tests).

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