The Mast Brothers - a chocolate-coated crisis of ethics

January 1, 2016

Over the holiday season, controversy has been raging about revelations that the premium bean-to-bar chocolate producer the Mast Brothers may have been less than transparent in their early years about the fact they remelted high quality mass produced chocolate for at least some of their produce.

Is this an example of a company trading on its ethics that has been caught out, and should now pay the price? Or is it a storm in a teacup, chocolate experts snobbishly looking down on the marketing success that has made the Mast Brothers a hugely successful brand?

After the Paris summit on climate change - the big change we need to make to take the next step

December 17, 2015

With the agreement in Paris, the world took one step further forward. But the real work of reducing emissions doesn't happen in conferences, it happens in the policies governments implement, the practices companies follow, and the coalitions of common purpose that get built. We may see activity on the first two, but are we stuck in an "us versus them" mindset that will prevent us from building broad-based coalitions and therefore fail to create change that lasts?


Mark Zuckerberg’s new social mission and the tech entrepreneurs’ challenge to the state

December 10, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he is to put 99 per cent of his Facebook wealth into a new organisation with a mission to solve some big world problems. Is this simply about one of the uber-rich entering the ranks of the great philanthropists? Or is this part of a trend of tech entrepreneurs throwing down the gauntlet to outdated world actors who are patently failing to solve the problems of our time?