DuPont and the claims against Teflon that finally stuck

January 15, 2016

DuPont used a chemical called C8, or PFOA, in the manufacture of its world famous Teflon products. But when the company allowed the chemical to be placed in a poorly maintained landfill site, it had a devastating impact on the health of people living nearby. This episode is the story of how the company was called to account by a few individuals following a trail of lies and cover-up.

Information for this episode has been drawn from the excellent three part series of articles by Sharon Lerner for The Intercept, the article on Rob Bilott by Nathaniel Rich at the New York Times, and the piece by Mariah Blake at the Huffington Post. All of these articles go into great detail of the blow-by-blow cover-up – much more detail that we can cover in a 12-minute podcast and if you can spare the time, it is a compelling read.